Duality Canvas
Duality Canvas

Duality Canvas

Duality Canvas

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Product Description

ZUDO HOME: A way to fuse your culture into your decor and bring more meaning to your home!

Introducing the Duality Canvas by ZUDO Home Artist Zahra (@zedkayink)

This piece is an amalgamation of 2 styles, mandala and geometry. It encompasses the dualistic nature of reality, things that may on the surface seem to oppose one another when put together can create a thing of beauty. The mandala in the center is a representation of the feminine; curves, florals, and details in which the feminine encompasses the idea of beauty.

Complimented by the strong bold lines of the geometric structure around it and demonstrate a sense of strength and protection of masculine energy. These 2 together in combination show that both masculine and feminine have their own character and yet compliment each other in a harmonious balance.

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