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Like many people, chains have been part of my identity.

I feel naked without them. I find myself tapping my neck to check if they're still there. ‘Phone, keys, wallet, chains’ when I leave the house.

I’ve designed my own jewelry for as long as I can remember. My dad would take my sketches and handwriting to our family jeweler in Pakistan and ask them to create something special.

This time I wanted to share that with all of you.

I’ve partnered with ZUDO to create two very special pieces. We spent the better half of this year brainstorming, sampling, sketching and creating to bring you two very dear pieces.

I hope you enjoy these intimate parts of me.


This piece is a pillar of the haf and haf identity. Embodying strength in heritage, dishoom is the noise you make when you fire forward.

Take off.

Reach levels you couldn’t imagine.

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Is it desire?

Is it a wanting. Is it the deepest love you have? Is it reserved for human beings or divinity?

It’s cut out of your heart, just like this piece.

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