Our Mission

We're sure all of us can think of one or a few topics in our communities that are difficult to openly discuss or are considered taboos.

These barriers of restraint are a major reason why people end up struggling in silence.

image of Musa looking to the right
image of a model wearing a rep your roots piece looking at the camers
image of hands holding braille bar necklace with love engraved and wearing other jewelry

We aim to use our platform to elevate voices that need to be heard and help causes that need to be served.

We can't judge if something is actually happening or not based on how much dialogue is involved. Just because something isn't widely talked about doesn't mean it's not just as important of a conversation to be had.

No community is immune to sexual violence, mental health stigma, or suicide. Staying silent about these issues can cause more harm than good. This is why our voice is dedicated to something bigger than just selling accessories.

image of braille bar necklace being held up with hands
image of HEART x ZUDO care package open showing contents
image of models hands wearing black ZUDO jewelry peices

Here's what we've been able to accomplish so far:

Launched a jewelry line where 30% of sales are donated to HEART Women & Girls, to support survivors of sexual assault and raising awareness on sexual violence.

Created a Braille Bar necklace with Islam by Touch, where 30% of sales are donated to create and distribute braille educational materials to help make Islam more accessible to the blind community.

Supplied care packages containing food, water and essential toiletries to families that were detrimentally affected by the coronavirus, in partnership with the UMR.

two images, one of HEART Care package and a model shot of braille bar
hand shot of model wearing rings and bracelet

Helped served many other causes, such as:

Muslim welfare trust logo
HEART womens and girls logo
Muslim wellness foundation logo
PAANI project logo
Islam by Touch Logo
Digdeep right to water organizationlogo
Muslim ART anti-racism collaborative logo
PCRF palestine children's relief fund logo

and many more!

two models looking at the camera wearing ZUDO jewelry

We hope to inspire our ZUDO family to continue to stand up in the face of injustice, be allies in the fight for equality, and create judgement- free communities full of love and support for one another.

You are part of the solution, and as a community, we stand stronger united.