polaroid image of the star and moon necklace in one and Ibraheem and Zuni in the other with the caption

ZUDO began in 2018 with a simple want and the discovery of a need

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Ibraheem wanted to get Zuni the perfect gift for when he proposed to her.

In the process of trying to find a gift for Zuni's unique personality, he discovered that there was a gap in the market for jewelry that was minimal, meaningful and personal to everyone - especially underrepresented groups.

Ibraheem stepped up to the challenge, and not only created the perfect piece for Zuni, but created an entire line of culturally inspired daily wear accessories, which kickstarted ZUDO to become what it is now!

Group of polaroid images showcasing history of ZUDO process and some of their early pieces
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polaroid shots of Zuni and Ibraheems wedding and a group of ZUDO brand ambassadors
Polaroid images with top group shot of Ibraheem and Zuni's wedding and the bottom group with a few ambassadors of the company

We got married!

So not only did our family grow at home, but so did our ZUDO family!

With onboarding new team members and launching the Ambassador program our team reached new levels!

Launched custom jewelry - a way to bring more personalization to your pieces, designed by you, for YOU

Two polaroids showing personalized jewelry
Group of polaroids showing jewelry related to ZUDO's mission  such as the Braille bar necklace and HEART care package

Developed our Mission to raise awareness on domestic and sexual assault as well as education on preventing sexual violence and creating safer communities

Whether someone purchases from us or not, we aim to add value to our brand by providing support to survivors.

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polaroid shot spanning the whole width with images of ZUDO jewelry on models and lifestyle shots. With captions such as: lifetime warranty, hypoallergenic, perfect gifts, 18k gold plated, water proof


You asked and we delivered!
We came out with hundreds of new products based on your comments and suggestions - keep them coming!

polaroid image of a room filled with ZUDO Home Canvases on display with the caption: artwork made to represent

Launched two new groundbreaking lines:  ZUDO Kids and ZUDO Home.

We work with talented artists to create beautiful artwork for you to display in your homes!

Worked on several collaborative pieces with non-profit organizations and creatives from the ZUDO family.

three polaroids showing collaborative pieces, such as Braille bar necklace, palestine canvas and HEART care package
Two polaroids of models wearing ZUDO jewelry, with captions such as: Earn  while you SHOP, & exclusive rewards for members

Introduced the ZUDO Rewards program so that you earn redeemable points with every purchase.

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We hope ZUDO can be a part of your life just as much as it is ours