4-Qul | A powerful protection

4-Qul | A powerful protection

With the end of Ramadan also goes the divine protection of our imaan, which makes it so important to shield ourselves from the whispers of Satan, najr (evil eye), jealousy, envy and all other evils of this world which we all face on a daily. 

The 4 Qul are known as the shielding chapters in the Qur'an. They are four extremely short surahs which, when recited, provide an abundance of safety: Al-Kafirun; Al-Ikhlas; Al-Falaq; and An-Naas

Let's look at some benefits of reciting each one individually, as well as together:


  • Thawab of reciting ¼ of the Qur’an
  • Safety on a journey with Nasr, Ikhlas, Falaq & Naas
  • Recite for forgiveness
  • Removes jealousy from your heart and increases love for others

Kafirun means the Disbelievers. This Surah purifies our faith and strengthens our Islamic identity by reminding us to keep our relationship with Allah sacred, in a way that no other person/circumstance can affect it. 


  • Recite 3 times for thawab of reciting whole Qur’an
  • Recite for forgiveness
  • Abundance in wealth
  • Safety in travelling
  • Recite for fulfilment of wishes
  • Protection from ‘evil eye’ (bad vibes)

This surah is short but very sublime. It consists of 5 verses which affirm the foundation of our faith - Tawheed (the belief that there is only one God). 

Ikhlas is being honest with Allah, and worshipping Him with ihsan (awareness that He sees all).  Ikhlas is closely linked to ihsan.  When a person is consistently aware that Allah sees all, we are more likely to remember the importance of ikhlas.  When a person does something sincerely for Allah, he or she is no longer concerned with receiving praise or reward from anyone but Allah.   


  • If recited in wajib salah in the month of Ramadan, it is as though you have fasted in Makkah and gain thawab of completing Hajj
  • Removes anxiety if recited with Surah An-Naas

Falaq means daybreak, and it highlights how only Allah can bring dawn from the darkness of the night. By using His divine attribute al-Falaq, the idea is to impress upon the mind of the believer that it is Allah alone Who can protect one from evils.

The essence of this surah is to verbalize our weakness in dealing with things beyond our control. It's a way of seeking protection first from all evil (general) and then the 3 specific major ones of: darkness (which also alludes to ignorance); witchcraft or those who blow on the ties of relationships; and finally jealousy (possibly the most potent of all).


  • Relief of pain – fast cure when recited on medicine
  • Safety from Jinn & Satan 

Naas means Mankind and in this final surah of the Qur'an, we as mankind are seeking refuge from our Lord from the subtle whisperings of the soul which lead to evil. This is from those energies whose nature we do not understand, and whose creation is not visible to us i.e. the evil whispers of Satan, of people and of the Jinn.

These three bring about toxic characteristics - therefore, the recitation of this surah can help keep these three evils at bay.


Let's try to incorporate these powerful surahs into our daily life, if we don't already! It takes just a few minutes, perhaps while we wait for the kettle to boil, or whilst we commute to work.

The most important thing is consistency. When we remember Allah, He remembers us :)


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