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Clearing misconceptions | custom jewelry

Custom jewelry is not affordable

Getting personal requires extra thought and extra effort. Naturally this should be matched with an extra price? Not at ZUDO! You can create a completely unique piece of jewelry for a price that anyone can afford.

Custom jewelry is not waterproof

There is a misconception that when jewelry is customizable, the quality drops because the item isn’t part of a standard collection. This could not be far from the truth. Every single item ZUDO creates withstands the test of time. The durability of our products are unmatched. So of course, you might be able to get a personalized necklace from an independent seller on Ebay or Etsy - but we can guarantee that despite wearing it every single day, or showering with it on, our quality will remain in perfect condition. 

Custom jewelry for limited occasions

Traditionally, personalized jewelry would be reserved for special occasions such as engagements or weddings. However, custom jewelry can be part of your every day. There are no rules! We encourage you to be conscious about your choice in accessories, and celebrate your identity whenever you can.

Custom jewelry takes too long

You won’t need to order months in advance to receive a custom piece of jewelry. Once you place your order, it will be created and shipped out to you, in most cases, within 3-4 weeks! 

Custom jewelry isn't easily accessible

Long gone are the days where you need to visit a jewelry store to get custom jewelry. As long as you have a laptop or mobile, you can visit from anywhere and place your order within seconds.

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