Coronavirus Relief | #ZUDOGivesBack

Coronavirus Relief | #ZUDOGivesBack

UPDATE: In April, your orders and donations helped us raise $8,025. This means that we have been able to provide care packages for 402 families! Thank you, ZUDO Fam!

ZUDO Covid 19

We have all found ourselves in a very difficult and uncertain situation. Adjusting to this new normal has been extremely tough. Businesses have shut down, people have been laid off, and parents are struggling to pay for groceries and basic necessities for their families.

Here at ZUDO, one of our main goals is giving back. And our worldwide ZUDO family helps us to do so through purchasing our accessories online.

For the month of April, we have partnered with United Mission Relief & Development (UMR), a registered 501c3 charity based in Washington D.C., where all funds raised will be delivered to and then distributed to those families who are in desperate need.  

Since we are mostly all working from home, how about donating (what would be) our daily commute/lunch amount to help these families? We know that times are tough, but we have the opportunity to come together as a community and stand united.  

For many across the world, they are not sure how they will get their next meal. Donate $20 in order to provide a full care package for these families.  Or, donate as much as you can... every penny counts!

You can donate by visiting our GoFundMe by clicking HERE

A care package consists of food, water, and essential toiletries. 

In addition to care packages, we will be giving out larger amounts to families in dire need to help them get through this difficult time. 

Those who are seeking aid please click the link below and fill out the information. Thanks.

Help us to help them. Let’s play our part in healing the world together. With open hearts. And open wallets.

Thank you and God bless you all. #ZUDOGivesBack 

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