CRESCENT MOON | Collection

CRESCENT MOON | Collection

We are so excited to bring you 4 style options in our Crescent Moon Collection!

1. Fallen Moon

ZUDO Crescent Moon Fallen Necklace  

2. Personalized Name Moon Necklace - Any Language

ZUDO Crescent moon Name Necklace

3. Crescent Moon Bracelet

ZUDO Crescent Moon Bracelet


Inspired by its luminous presence in the night sky, our stunning 18K gold plated moon necklace serves as a reminder that there is always light, even in the face of darkness.

This necklace features a shining crescent moon on a delicate gold chain with an adjustable lobster clasp chain extension, and will quickly become your go-to accessory for that minimalistic look - day or night!

ZUDO Crescent Moon Collection | Necklace | Bracelet

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