Being in lockdown means that some aspects of Ramadan will be different, but this unique situation has highlighted a simple reality - being in isolation puts us in the best position to strengthen our relationship with Allah.

Examples where people thrived in isolation - Prophet Yunus, Lady Maryam, Prophet Yusuf and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself! (see also. iSOULation)

Ramadan comes as a time to purify our souls, refocus on what’s important, and bring us closer to Allah (SWT) by freeing ourselves from our worldly needs. 

Through this practice, we detox ourselves (spiritually) from any bad habits that may have set in through the year, and replace them with beautiful acts of Ibadah.

It's also the month of giving. To remember others and share what Allah (SWT) has blessed us with. We can give through kindness, forgiveness and charity.

How else can we give?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) encouraged the concept of "tahaabu, tahaadu", which translates as “give gifts to spread love to one another.”

It's a simple (and optional) way of showing someone that you appreciate them. And whether you're the kind of person who plans ahead, or the kind who thrives from last minute gift shopping, we've got something for you!


Quarantine has got us thinking how we can make gifts more personal than ever before. Write a personal message and send us a picture of it - we will turn it into a necklace, bracelet or ring!


That friend who is obsessed with every phase will be looking out for the new moon on Eid - why not treat them to our crescent moon bracelet


For the ones who you've been praying for a little extra during Ramadan, they might like our Ayatul Kursi necklace as a reminder that they are under Allah's protection.



That friend who has a truly incredible soul, and always encourages you to be the best version of yourself might love our Allah crystal necklace so they can keep Allah close to their heart always.


The one who has been representing their roots the most this month by staying home - our Roots necklace might be the perfect way to say thank you.


To the person who has been keeping you going through quarantine with their positive messages, perhaps send them one of our beautiful cuffs as an elegant reminder that you appreciate them.



That friend who is always making the most of their time, or the one who time slips away from! Either might like our selection of watches.


How about a ZUDO Gift Card so that they can choose their own gift? This is a fool-proof way of ensuring they love what they get! 



Eid gifts are usually steeped in meaning, especially if they are simple, because they are a reflection of the month that has just passed. 

We hope that you've all been having a blessed month so far, and remember that even a smile goes a long way! "If you can't do big acts of charity, spread kindness. God may make you the means of making someone's day more beautiful".


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