How can meditation and prayer help me to be successful?

How can meditation and prayer help me to be successful?

"Did you get much work done today?"... No.
"That's okay, that means you got to rest!"... Also no.

We live in an era where we are constantly functioning in a distracted mode. Can you relate?

The simple fact is, if we want to achieve success in this world, and the next, we need to be more conscious of our actions, and be more intentional with our time. 

Meditation and prayer play a large part in helping us to focus (plus they're both very strongly linked!)

(scroll down to the bottom if you'd like a beginners guide to meditation with 3 easy steps).


Meditation is a workout for the brain. It's a way of training your mind to regulate your attention in a specific way.

The main goal of meditation, is to improve your concentration. So don't worry if your mind keeps wandering, the first few times you try it! As long as you are consistent with it, your mind will be able to focus for longer periods of time.

There are many different types of meditation, all of which are beneficial to your mind and your mental health.

What does Islam say about meditation?

During any act (but especially acts of worship) mindfulness is highly encouraged in Islam. The basis behind every act, is intention; niyyah. This is crucial to gain success in both worlds. So how can we gain a stronger sense of focus?

Enter: meditation.

This is an act you can do every single day, to bring about consciousness to each action. Most of us are guilty of scrolling through our phone as soon as our eyes open in the morning. (Sometimes an hour goes by, am I right?!) This exercise could be a great alternative to start your day on the right footing - and only takes a few minutes!

Once you incorporate this into your day, you will notice an increase in productivity and enjoyment, in your work, play and worship. Your mind will focus on each task, and allow you to complete them much quicker than if your mind kept getting distracted. This then opens up MUCH more time for you to rest, relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones. 

To take it a step further, you might notice that your concentration in your prayer has increased, and you become more aware of the precious conversation you are having with God. 

Tip: take 10 seconds before each prayer to think about 3 things you are thankful for, and begin your salaah with calm, focused attention.

We become more productive when we allow our mind to complete a task with full concentration. 
We gain more rewards for reciting our salaah with mindfulness.
>>>Prioritize the skill of mindfulness to strive towards achieving success in this world and the Hereafter. 

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Daily Meditation Routine
Highly recommended by Ibraheem Nadeem, CEO of ZUDO.

Every morning, try to do the following in bed (or whilst listening to meditation music)


Think about 3 things or moments that you are grateful for.
If it's a thing, it can be small (e.g. having clothes to wear).
If it's a moment, imagine yourself back in that moment, and how you felt.
Thank God each time to ensure the gratitude reaches Him.


Think about 3 things you want to accomplish this day, this week, this month, this year or this lifetime.
Imagine it as if you've already accomplished your goal (crucial!)
Manifest it into reality. Believe that it has already happened. This takes time and practice, but try to imagine how you would feel once you accomplish this goal.


Send prayers and blessings to those around you and the world.
Start with your family, your friends, and then everyone around the world.
Wish good for everyone and pray for them - we want to see them winning!
If you can't wish good for others, how can you expect good vibes and blessings to come to you?

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