How to Stack Rings | A Guide

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I don’t know about you, but how hands look and feel is so important, and can even have an affect on your mood. Neat looking nails and thoughtfully curated ring stacks make us feel like we have our life put together!
It makes ordinary tasks, like typing away on a laptop or doing the dishes, feel so much more glamorous. 
Wondering where to start with your ring stack? Read on to see our top tips for stacking and our favorite ZUDO picks to add to your collection if you're looking for something new.
Before we dive in, we want to point out that there are no real "rules" when it comes to stacking! This is your moment to express your individuality - that is what will make your stack stunning. The following is a guide for anyone looking for inspiration. 
If you already have a statement ring that you love, you can build your stack around it (If you don't - that's okay too, we have some great starter options for you!). Pick a ring that means something to you, or you really like the look and feel of. This could be your engagement ring or a personalized ring. Once you’ve chosen your starter ring, you can pick some simpler pieces to complement it.
Some statement ring options could be our Star & Moon Birthstone Ring or our Ayatul Kursi Spiral Ringwhich is such a special prayer to keep with you throughout the day (and available in all 4 colors).
Once you’ve chosen your statement piece, the next step is to fill in the gaps with minimal and dainty pieces to complement them - like our Cherish Infinity Ring or simple metal bands. 
New collection alert - Midi rings! Midi rings are great to stack in a subtle yet beautiful way. We’ve got two brand new midi rings available, starting with the  Grace Signature Midi Ring. It has a slightly more bold vibe, giving the illusion of two rings. Alternatively, our Viva Midi Ring is actually a pack of two separate rings! You can opt to wear them together, or individually, but either way you will be sure to be on your way to achieving a curated ring stack.
When stacking rings, a good tip is to pick one style at a time to avoid one overwhelming the other. For example, if you like edgy shapes, choose some of those pieces and then add some simple or basic pieces to fill out the stack - this way they can complement each other, with the main focus being on your edgy ring!
Our brand new Flourish Ring features leaves of an olive branch delicately intertwining around your finger - it’s one of our favorite pieces at the moment! It represents new beginnings, growth, strength and potential, making it a meaningful addition to your stack.
We recommend leaving at least one finger bare to avoid overkill (this could be your thumb or pinky), but aside from that, go wild! Make it your own. You can wear one ring on each finger for a simple and minimalist look or you can stack multiple rings on each finger for a more dramatic and bold vibe. If you like balance, you can opt to have rings on both hands.
Even when you’re sticking with one style, you can still get creative! Playing with colors, mixing metals, and combining varying textures can really elevate your stack. Try mixing some complementing colors, different tones of the same color, or colors that clash completely - if you wear it with confidence, it’ll work! 
Our Adore Heart Ring has a sweet cut out design perfect for adding something different to your stack.
One of the best parts about stacking jewelry is that you can pair pieces together and make it unique and personal to you. Whether it’s your favorite colors, favorite stones, or a piece from someone special you want to keep with you, you can build on it and express yourself. 
One of our Represent your Roots rings or a custom ring would be a great way to personalize your stack and express your identity.
How have you been stacking your rings? Let us know your tips in the comments & remember to tag us in pictures of your stacks on our social media platforms - we love seeing how you wear our pieces! Remember to invest in yourself and choose rings that are tarnish free. No one deserves green fingers!
If you're looking to up your stacking game further, take a look at our guide to stacking necklaces.

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