Islamic Jewelry for Him

Islamic Jewelry for Him

British jeweler Robert Tateossian noted that "The definition of masculinity is not what it used to be 10 years ago. Men today want to be unique and express their personality — jewelry is one such way."

Jewelry for him meaningful

When we say “men’s jewelry,” we’re talking about any add-on accessories after your outfit. Being able to choose what to wear, and when, is a blessing. What better way to extend your wardrobe than by wearing jewelry for him that is personal, cultural, meaningful or Islamic? Not only will this draw like-minded individuals to you, but it will also serve as a physical connection between you and the values that are important to you.

We've chosen our top "picks for him" below in case you're looking for some inspiration! 


One of the best places to start with is watches. A staple in every man's wardrobe.


Men's watch islamic

They serve the obvious and practical function of telling the time - but they also express class and personal taste. A watch with Arabic numerals can remind you that your faith is a round-the-clock inspiration. By selecting a watch that ties in with your culture, your individuality is expressed in a subtle but meaningful way.

Choose between our mesh or leather strap watches, to suit your taste.


Our cuffs are a subtle yet powerful way to add meaning to your style. These come in matte black, silver, gold and rose gold. And we have many styles to choose from! 

You could opt for our 'Alhamdulillah' cuff, to serve as a powerful reminder to praise Allah through the day, just as we do in our prayer. This is a great way to make a statement of gratitude. (check out our selection of other phrases we have on our cuffs)

Alternatively, you could opt for a custom cuff and engrave it with a statement of your choice! This takes personal to a whole new level.

BUT, for those of you who want to take custom even further - our custom handwriting cuff is perfect for you. Whether it's your handwriting, someone dear to you or the handwriting of a loved one who has passed away - this takes sentiment to a whole new level.


If you're looking for something sleek and minimal, we have a selection of plain chains for you to choose from.

Mens Chain Jewelry Meaningful

If you're looking for a little more, our medallions add strength and character to your daily fit. Opt for a medallion that has a cut out of your home town that you can always keep close to your heart. Or opt for any of our faith-inspired medallion necklaces that tie your physical and spiritual realms together. 

You can purchase these medallions in silver, matte black, gold or rose gold. 

If you prefer bar necklaces - we have just the thing for you! We partnered up with Islam by Touch to create a Braille Bar Necklace. It is quite literally engraved with love in Braille, English, Arabic and Urdu, and contributes to making Islam more accessible to the blind community. 


Not a necklace kind of guy? Don't worry. We've still got you covered. We offer a selection of essential rings that can add a little spice to your style.

Choose from our minimal essential rings (keep it plain or choose to have it engraved!), a root ring to keep your home wrapped around your finger - or pick a faith based ring such as our Shahada one, to really focus your attention on the first beautiful pillar of Islam.

Gift Islamic Jewelry for Him

We've run through some of the best Islamic jewelry pieces for him, and hope we've given you the inspiration to start purchasing jewelry that means something to you. 

Jewelry for him

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