SELF-CARE | Covid-19

SELF-CARE | Covid-19

Self-care is crucial for our wellbeing - but now more than ever, it is a priority. We've put together a few reminders that will hopefully help you to find a sense of calm in each day.


Having a well balanced diet can help your mind and body to feel it's best, no matter what else is going on outside. Try to have extra vitamins/supplements during this time to keep your immune system strong.


Keep your body moving! Whether it's a few laps up and down the stairs, home workouts, or a daily walk/run, getting your heart to race and your blood pumping will give you boosts of energy and enhance productivity throughout the day.

Time is on your side with this one! For all those times you couldn't hit your snooze button, now is the time to sleep and wake up at a good time, to avoid feeling lethargic or low.
Check in with your state of mind by meditating or turning to prayer. It is in these moments where we can take time out to be still.
Try to limit your intake of the news and social media. This can also reduce any triggers to feeling anxious or uncertain. Set tech-free time aside where no screens are involved. Running a bath, reading, doing a puzzle or getting some fresh air are examples of what you could do instead.
Set time aside with your loved ones (in a safe manner!) Whether it's through video calls or in person with the people in your home, create some quality moments together.
Wishing you health and safety,
With love,

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