Suicidal Thoughts? What you can do to help.

Suicidal Thoughts? What you can do to help.

ZUDO is a mission led company and we are creating an open and inclusive community where each of us feels safe enough to talk about what we are going through. Most of us are blessed with a family member or friend that we can confide in, but we are aware that there are also those who have no one to talk to. 

For those of you who don’t know, September is Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide can be a scary topic, and one that is tip-toed around. But it’s a real issue, and it happens to real people. This month is about raising awareness in a way where we can spot signs in someone who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts - and have the tools to be able to help guide them out of that dark, dark place. 

In the US alone, around 132 people die by suicide per day

We want to offer practical help on how you can support others, or yourself.

Suicide prevention should start long before someone is in a state of crisis, and this must take place within schools, workplaces, families and friend’s circles - and as a community.

Sometimes, a conversation could be enough to make the difference between life and death, for a person experiencing these thoughts.

WAIT is a great tool to keep in mind how to support somebody:

Watch out for signs of distress or unusual behaviour

E.g. social withdrawal, excessive quietness, irritability, uncharacteristic outburst, talking about death or suicide, giving away valuable possessions, hopelessness towards the future, joking about death

Ask “are you having suicidal thoughts”

Be direct and don’t be afraid to ask this question. It can often be the question that sparks a conversation and save a life. A common myth is that if you ask a person if they are having thoughts of suicide, you are planting the seed. This is not true. In fact, asking the question opens the door for that person to share personal thoughts, feelings and experiences.

It will pass

Assure them that this feeling will pass.

Talk to others

Encourage them to speak to someone, or to you, regularly. Or to seek help from a professional. 

Suicide Prevention

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from feeling suicidal, here are a list of resources and confidential help that is available 24/7

We are proud partners with MannMukti who do incredible work to raise awareness about mental health within our communities. Our partnership with them works to end the stigma linked to mental illnesses by starting more conversations. We hope you join the conversation with us, and keep these tools with you, should you find yourself in a situation where they would be helpful. 

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