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Have you been struggling to find jewelry that doesn't tarnish? Have you been trying to find a brand with lasting quality that doesn't break your bank? Do you crave finding brands with a conscience? Keep reading to find the four letter answer to all your questions!

It's no secret that over the years, accessorising has become an almost unconscious act. Grabbing a necklace or watch before you leave the house is part of our daily routine. However - most of us still like to embody a sense of individuality, by finding jewelry that is different, and personal to us. 

Enter: ZUDO.

Our intentions go beyond fashion. ZUDO's main commitment is to create pieces with deeper sentiment. 
On a personal level, they do this through empowering your sense of 'self' - for example through our Custom Jewelry collection (this collection also includes Custom Handwriting Jewlery which allows you to have the actual handwriting of a loved one carved into your piece!).
Handwriting jewelry waterproof meaningful accessories necklace bracelet
On a wider level, ZUDO fiercely encourages inclusivity, which can be seen through our Braille Bar Necklace, and through the Roots Collection, to bridge the gap between communities and remind us that humans from all backgrounds deserve to be celebrated.

We constantly curate on-trend designs which are minimal yet meaningful. (Have you seen our dreamy medallions which come in gold, rose gold, matte black and silver?!)
The craftmanship is like no other. Each item is designed to perfection to ensure the look, feel and quality is the best that it can be. 
Meaningful jewelry custom personalized gifts waterproof necklaces medallion minimal aesthetic jewelry
Whether this is through our Alhamdulillah cuff - inspiring an attitude of gratitude. Or through our Indeed I Am Near cuff - reminding you that when you feel alone, you never really are.
Aesthetics aside, all of our products are specifically designed to ensure longevity. ZUDO worried about the quality, so you don’t have to! They are waterproof, sweat-proof, tarnish-free and timeless! And if that wasn't enough, each item comes with a lifetime warranty - so it's a fool proof commitment to always ensuring the best quality for you.
Customer service 
Our number one priority is YOU. We thrive on creating an experience where your expectations are exceeded. We regularly host giveaways, send surprise gifts to our biggest supporters - we even created an Ambassador Program where you can earn with us!

If you have thoughts or suggestions you'd like to share with us, please click here - we'd love to hear what you think!

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