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Why Do You Express Your Faith Through Islamic Jewelry?

Does anyone else feel like putting on your jewelry in the morning is almost like a ritual? 
You wake up, choose your outfit and without thinking, you put on your favorite necklace. But if you don’t… it’s as if you’re missing something. You’re not quite yourself. 
Whether you realize it or not, your jewelry says more about you than simply whether you’re a gold or silver person. It reflects your identity, your beliefs and how you want to be viewed by the world. A visual representation of who we are and the messages we want to embody. 
For Muslims, Islamic jewelry offers a personal way to connect to the scriptures and community. In this post, we explore why Muslims choose to express their faith through jewelry and share some of our favorite pieces. 

Islamic Jewelry Expresses Your Individual Spirituality

Think about your favorite piece of jewelry. What do you love about it? 
For most of us, the jewelry that we’re most attached to are the pieces that have meaning, whether that’s spiritual or sentimental. It’s the necklace that your parents bought for graduation, or the bracelet engraved with words you hold dear. The pieces with stories behind them. 
And all of our stories are different. Our traditions, our culture and the way we connect to Islam are defined by our individual experiences. (After all, there’s no one quite like you!)
As a Muslim, wearing Islamic jewelry is the perfect way to keep your faith close to you and express your unique spiritual story. We select accessories that represent our inner values. 
Each of us connects to Allah individually - so wear jewelry that expresses your spirituality on your terms.

Give Back to the Community

By wearing Islamic jewelry, you’re able to express your faith and give back to your community through charitable initiatives. Here at ZUDO, we’re passionate about breaking stigmas around mental health and sexual violence within our communities. As a collective, we don’t talk about these issues enough. (Even though they affect us all).
We’ve partnered with HEART Women & Girls and MannMukti to end the stigma and discrimination faced by victims who often have to cope in silence. We’re helping to raise funds and awareness of this crucial movement. In every package, we include information and tools that will empower you to start positively contributing to this conversation.  
Express yourself. Empower your community. Choose beautiful jewelry with a conscience. 

Discover Your Perfect Piece

Whether you’re looking for jewelry that’s subtle and sentimental, or for a special occasion gift, ZUDO has beautiful collections for men, women, children and the home. Check out our most meaningful pieces for this season:

4 Qul Necklace

Islamic Jewelry

The 4 Qul Necklace reminds the wearer of the benefits of reciting the four surahs. Wearing it close to your heart, you will be reminded of the power and strength you have within yourself, through its recitation.  Protect loved ones from the evils of the world by gifting them this meaningful necklace that they can treasure forever. 

Ayatul Kursi Necklace 

Ayatul Kursi Necklace Islamic Jewelry ZUDO
The Ayatul Kursi necklace is a pendant with a powerful message. The Quran states that recitation of the Ayatul Kursi protects the speaker from Satan and the evils of the world. If recited after every prayer, the Ayatul Kursi is said to guarantee entry into heaven.
By wearing our handcrafted pendant containing all 50 words of the Ayatul Kursi, you’ll be reminded of the importance of this sacred vow and can carry it with you always.

Stackable Cuffs

Islamic Jewelry Stackable Cuff ZUDO
If you’re struggling to choose a single scripture for your adornment, our range of stackable cuffs is the perfect solution. Wear one for a subtle reminder of your favorite value, or combine them to carry multiple messages with you throughout the day. 
Each cuff is engraved with an important value. Alhamdulillah, as a reminder to have gratitude. Sabr, to remind you of your patient strength. Bismillah, as a reminder to start each day and action with purpose. Rahma, to remind you of your compassion - towards yourself as well as others.
Jewelry represents your values, so don’t be afraid to mix and match!

Shahada Kalima Ring

Affirm your faith and commitment to Islam with our Shahada Kalima Ring. Shahada is the guiding principle of Islam, and from it, all other beliefs flow. By wearing this minimal ring, you’ll have a daily reminder of the first pillar of Islam and feel connected to your faith.

The Star and Moon Collection

For those looking for a symbolic expression of faith, ZUDO's star and moon collection combines delicate, minimalistic jewelry with powerful visual reminders of the strength of light. 
Glowing in the night sky, the moon and stars remind us that there is always light to be found in the darkness. Whether you want to remind a loved one to follow the light during a dark time, or give yourself a reminder of the phases of life, our intricate star and moon collection will be sure to bring radiance to your outfit.

More Than Just Jewelry 

Islamic Jewelry ZUDO
Jewelry is more than just an embellishment. It’s connection, identity and zakat all rolled into one. When you wear Islamic jewelry that celebrates your faith, you’re showing pride for your community and reflecting the beliefs that make you, you. 
Why do we feel lost without our favorite pieces of jewelry?
Because they are part of us. They’re the values we cherish and the messages we want to resonate wherever life takes us.
Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or a meaningful piece for yourself, ZUDO has beautiful, unique jewelry that represents and celebrates your authentic self.

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