Our Custom Handwriting Necklace is one of our most unique and meaningful pieces. It allows you to keep the handwriting of a loved one close to your heart at all times, taking sentiment to a whole new level. You may have seen this piece on our website or on our social media pages, but have you ever been curious as to how it came to be? 
At ZUDO, we take personalization very seriously! We are made up of a team of people who love digging deeper and thinking of ways to take custom gifts to a new level. Custom jewelry is something that is becoming increasingly easy to find, but having someone's specific handwriting (which means that no one will ever have the same piece as you) take custom jewelry to a different realm. This piece has a personal backstory related to our founder, Ibraheem Nadeem.
In 2013, Ibraheem unexpectedly lost his father. This left a deep void in the entire families hearts, especially his mother’s. During this incredibly hard time for the family, Ibraheem found a notebook that belonged to his dad, which amongst other notes, had his dad's signature. He thought of an idea to make this into a necklace for his mom, so she could always keep a piece of his dad close to her heart. You can hear Ibraheem talking about his story and see the necklace he gifted to his mom (including her reaction!) here.
Handwriting is unique to each individual and for many, brings back memories of letters and little notes from someone special. This personal Handwriting Collection allows you to keep a piece of that memory with you forever, taking personalization one step further.
Ibraheem brought this piece to ZUDO so that everyone could have a special keepsake of their loved ones. As well as necklaces, you can also have custom handwriting on a bracelet, a cuff, or a ring.
Whether it’s deep love you feel for someone in your life, distance keeping you apart, or loss you feel in your life, these custom handwriting pieces are a special and unique way of having a sentimental keepsake to bring you two close together.
Our custom handwriting pieces are some that receive the most heartwarming feedback from our ZUDO family. One of our customers told us that her husband had passed away when her daughters were 8 and 11 years old and she had necklaces made with his handwriting for them both and for a friend’s daughter who lost her mom too, giving them all a special way of carrying their parents with them at all times.
The customization on these pieces is endless - it can be anything you like! It could be a special pet name someone had for you, a phrase like ‘I love you’, or their name and signature - whatever is special to you, we can make it so it stays with you forever. Our pieces are available in 18K Gold Plated, 18K Rose Gold Plated or Silver. They are hypoallergenic and have a lifetime warranty against rust and tarnish - our pieces are made to last!
Take a look at the selection and order your unique and special piece today.
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