Why you should get custom jewelry

Why you should get custom jewelry

You can walk into just about any store in the mall and find a piece of jewelry. 
The pieces you'll find on the shelves or behind the glass will be beautiful - but it will also be less personal to you and available to everyone. We at ZUDO think your jewelry collection should include pieces that are rooted in meaning.
Not sure if you agree? Here's a bit more about custom jewelry —  and five reasons for treating yourself to it!

What is Custom Jewelry? 

A custom piece of jewelry is one that's designed specifically for a particular person. It's incredibly unique and no one else can ask to buy the same piece because it is sentimental to you.
You can pick a custom name or word and have it made into a necklace, bracelet, cuff, earrings or a ring. (Keep in mind that this custom name or word can be in any language of your choice - we can make it happen!)
Alternatively, there is another type of custom jewelry that pulls out all the stops at ZUDO. You can send us a picture of your actual handwriting (or a loved one's handwriting) or drawing, and we will take the exact handwritten or handrawn image and carve it into a piece of jewelry! 
Creating custom jewelry is a precious process and does take a little longer than our other products, as your piece is bespoke and made specifically for you rather than produced in bulk. But this will leave you with a stunning piece unique to you that makes the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Why Go Custom? 

There are so many reasons to choose custom jewelry over more generic options.
You can probably think of a few already! Here's what we think: 

01. Custom Jewelry Makes Your Wardrobe Unique

Celebrating your identity is what custom jewelry is all about. You can do this with store-bought accessories, too. But if you want to take your accessories to the next level, try designing a piece that is unique to you and your story.
If you're unsure where to start - choose a custom name necklace. Or, you could opt for handwritten jewelry that looks just like your (or a loved one's) written word. 
No matter what you choose, you will have a hand in designing the piece. And, because no one else will ever have the exact same accessory, your wardrobe will be unique. 

02. It Lasts a Lifetime

Having a piece custom-made for you does not mean that the quality is of lesser value compared to batch-produced items. We ensure that all our jewlery is of the highest quality.
Our pieces are plated in 18K which means they will not tarnish, or lose their shine. You can wear them in the shower or while you workout - the quality will withstand the test of time! You'll be able to hold onto your custom jewelry forever without worrying about the shelf-life, like some store bought items.

03. It Never Loses Its Luster

You might be thinking, "we just covered this." But we're not talking about the quality of materials used for custom jewelry and how they last a lifetime. 
Instead, we're talking about that feeling you get when you pull a sentimental piece out of your jewelry box. Your custom pieces will never fail to give you that empowered feeling.
You'll remember everything — the design, the waiting, finally receiving the piece. And you'll feel that same excitement slipping on the piece again, and again, and again. 

04. It's Worth the Cost

We've said before that custom pieces tend to cost a little more. 
But we think the result is always worth the price tag, when it comes to custom jewelry. You get to wear your design with pride - plus you get the rest of the benefits that come with this type of jewelry. 
Investing in high-quality pieces usually ends up being more cost-effective in the long run, too. You won't have to replace costume jewelry if you're investing in long-lasting pieces for yourself. It's a small price to pay, for something that will last for the rest of your life. 

05. It's More Meaningful

Finally, designing your own accessories leaves you with meaningful jewelry that you'll feel proud to wear. The same goes for jewelry you design for a loved one — imagine giving a handwritten anniversary necklace or a custom birthday bracelet that has been designed by you.
You can only get that kind of feeling from jewelry that is personalized.  

What's the Next Step? 

Chances are, you're thinking about getting custom jewelry - whether it's for yourself or for that friend's birthday that's coming up soon!
Your next step is to choose the type of piece you want. 
We can help you turn your vision into a reality. Click here to hear over to our website - we have a section dedicated to personalized jewelry so that you can see all your options clearly! 
Start browsing meaningful jewelry today — and transform your daily accessories with custom pieces. 

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