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ZUDO Customer Reviews

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  • Aleia

    I am so happy with all my Zudo pieces. I’ve purchased 4 necklaces and 2 rings so far. My customized necklace with my daughters name is everything I hoped it would be! I get so many compliments especially on my moon and star necklace. My last order came with a Free Palestine sticker which I love! I am so happy they have a lifetime warranty also!

  • Ameena

    Zudo’s quality is amazing. I am obsessed with how good every piece I have is and I can’t wait to get more!

  • Nanditha Aranha, Qatar

    Greetings Zudo team,

    I would like to give a background to my order. I had placed an order in December 2020 which got to me Jan end 2021. I was happy with my order but not too ecstatic, as I found the signature not very big and clear. I expressed this with the Zudo Team not with any intention of returning or a refund or anything.

    I explained to them that this order was for my 90 year old grandma in India. She was married for 61.5 years before my grandpa passed away and so I thought when Zudo has something so unique as converting a signature onto a chain, I jumped at the idea and decided this would be an apt gift for my grandmother to wear every day in memory of my grandfather whom she loved.

    Reading my story the Zudo team just sprung to action! I had forgotten about what I had written. They wrote back telling me to accept the idea of a re make of the same order, they followed up on design and its approval and to top that they made the whole order again and got it ready and delivered to me at no extra cost in March 2021. Wooooow…Can you beat that?

    I was ecstatic to see the chain and the final product. It was just perfect. I felt like I had my grandfather’s handwriting in my hand. I am so grateful and touched by this gesture dear Zudo team. Thank you so much.

    The gift will reach my granny in India in April and I look forward to sharing a pic of her wearing the chain with you soon.

    Thank you for bringing a smile onto my face and for going all out to ensure my happiness at the perfection before my eyes. Zudo rocks!!!!!

  • Farah Zahr

    I love my Custom made piece, and my Allah necklace. Color does not fade. Very happy customer 🙏🙏❤❤

  • Elysia Reyes-Velasquez

    I order a custom necklace and it came out beautifully. I could not be anymore happier with the quality and look of my new necklace. Love it

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