The last ten days of Ramadan are here.

For Muslims around the world, this is a particularly holy time - one focused less on worldly affairs and more on spirituality. For many Muslims around the world, however, this task seems almost impossible. In Northwestern Syria particularly, the Syrian regime and its allies have been unceasingly bombarding towns since the beginning of Ramadan, killing civilians and leaving destruction in their wake - often just minutes before iftar.    

Amidst this bombardment, Karam Foundation has been providing families inside Syria with food for iftar (the breaking of the fast) and suhoor (the meal before the sun comes up). Our team on the ground has distributed food baskets and warm meals to 2,000 families in in Aleppo and Idlib - two areas currently under heavy bombardment. Many families are internally displaced while others belong to vulnerable host communities.

Each food basket distributed to families has enough food for 1 month and contains key staples for suhoor and iftar, including oil, sugar, burghol, beans, zaatar, canned deli meat, ghee, jam, tea, rice, and more. Families also receive two warm meals! It only costs $45 to feed a family for the entire month!

Amina, a resident of Atarib, Syria, and beneficiary of Karam Foundation’s Ramadan campaign, explains the impact the food basket and warm meals have on her family during this month. She shares:

The month of #Ramadan, God willing, is a month of benevolence and a triumphant month for us Muslims. All we hope is for the current conditions to be better than they are now. I have a widow, her three kids, and another couple living with me. The food basket will benefit us during this time and during these conditions as we have no income: the basket contains all kinds of food like jam, canned meat, rice, sugar, and chai. Thanks be to God, the basket has good supplies.

Karam Foundation’s brave Syria staff is the reason residents like Amina received food baskets. Despite the attacks of the Syria regime, the team on the ground carried out the campaign but were sure to alter distribution plans. The staff ensured that distributions were done in smaller groups to avoid large gatherings and in areas that were not as visible. Faten (Karam’s Assistant Project Coordinator in Syria) explains:

While distributing, I felt a mix of emotions - on one hand, it was amazing to see the response from the families we were serving and the relief that the food kits were providing them. On the other hand, I was honestly very scared. To put your life on the line when doing your humanitarian duty is not easy. To think that we can go out to distribute the assistance and not come back at the end of the day is a thought that I did in fact face.

There is still time to support Syrian families through Karam Foundation’s zakat-eligible campaign this Ramadan. If you’re interested in supporting this campaign, donate here. You can also share this campaign with your networks. Just $45 feeds a family for the entire month.


Karam Foundation is a nonprofit organization on a mission to build a better future for Syria. We seek to restore the dignity and quality of life for people affected by conflict by eliminating barriers to success through innovative education, entrepreneurial development, and community-driven aid.


A huge thank you to Tina Al-khersan for sharing this incredible campaign. Be sure to support the Karam Foundation and donate here, to make a difference to a whole family! 


Let's make these last few days of Ramadan count, inshAllah!


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