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Introduction | Episode #001


Hey ZUDO Fam! Welcome to ZUDO Talks! The official podcast of ZUDO®

In this episode, you'll learn how ZUDO was started, the future of the podcast, and what we've been working on.

Let us know what you would like to hear and looking forward to connecting with our ZUDO Fam! 

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  • Uzma

    This was such a wholesome episode 💕 can’t wait for more

  • Aisha

    Dear Zudo,

    I’m not really a podcast person, I don’t like listening to podcasts because they are so passive. But I loved your podcast 🥺❤ mainly because its so amazing to see someone from your country so successful Ma Sha Allah 🤍 Especially Zuni’s parts how she said that in Pakistan most of the jewellery is bridal jewellery and not something we can wear everyday! HIGH KEY RELATE!! Some of the simple designs I saw where in Turkish shops but no Pakistani shop, which was kinda disappointing. But Zudo is just amazing Allahuma barik ❤ Also I really like the crescent and star necklace and ring cause I was searching for it a few days back on your webiste 😂 And it came today 😂 May Allah SWT put barakah in your business Allahumaameen 🤍

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