Black Friday Gift Guide | ZUDO
Get ready for our Black Friday Blackout Sale with this essential gift guide with brand new waterproof jewelry and meaningful home pieces at low prices. Shop our Black Friday gift guide and treat your loved ones to the best gift through our personalized jewelry.
Why should you trust ZUDO with your jewelry?
Are you wondering which brand you can trust to get personalized and meaningful jewelry? Read on to find out why you should pick ZUDO!
Ways to give back this Eid ul Adha
This Eid, when you're thinking of buying presents for your loved ones, consider shopping consciously. Find out where the profits from your order will go. Research the company you are purchasing from, and whether the organizations they support also tie in with your values. 
To our ZUDO family, If you're reading this, it's because you're part of our #ZUDOFam and have committed to being an agent of change. Palestine urgently needs each one of us. If you've been feeling helpless but want to help...
How to prepare your heart and home for Ramadan
Wondering how to prepare for a Ramadan full of purpose and peace? Here are a few things you can start doing that might help.
RAOK - wondering what you can do during lockdown?

This year, kindness has more power than ever before. Every single one of us has been tested. So a little bit of rahma to our friends, family, community and ourselves goes an incredibly long way.

To our ZUDO family. We have a platform and we understand the importance of having a voice. Though we are a brand, we are made up of real people who care deeply about the fight for equality and against racism....
Coronavirus Relief | #ZUDOGivesBack
UPDATE: In April, your orders and donations helped us raise $8,025. This means that we have been able to provide care packages for 402 families! Thank you, ZUDO Fam! We have all found ourselves in a very difficult and uncertain situation....
FEATURE FRIDAY | Afshan Nasseri
MEET AFSHAN I graduated in the spring from McGill University in Montreal, where I got my BCom in Strategic Management & Classical Arabic. I'm currently Freelancing in the Digital Marketing space and creating a startup advisory in the International Education...
Did you know it's Random Acts of Kindness week? From helping someone carry their bags to smiling a stranger – it’s often the smallest and simplest of gestures that mean the most. Here are 20 random ideas to lift others up...
Unheard Voices: The Sexual Exploitation of South Asian Girls and Women

This Tuesday we're talking about sexual exploitation. This is real life. These are real people.

Respond with RAHMA
Read what Nadiah has to say about her experience with RAHMA in light of the example Khadijah (R)!