Our Story

In the spring of 2017, Ibraheem proposed to me. For our engagement, he wanted to give me something meaningful to celebrate this surreal, life-changing moment. When he asked me what jewelry I liked, I told him that I wanted something sentimental yet simple, so I could wear it daily as a reminder of all things dear to us. Ibraheem set out to find the perfect gift - he looked everywhere, but he couldn’t find anything that would be truly special to both of us.

Ibraheem finally decided to take matters into his own hands and design a piece that he knew would be perfect for me. In the process, he came up with stunning, elegant pieces that represented our South Asian roots and our Islamic faith, but were still simple enough to wear every single day.

Instead of just finding me the one perfect piece, Ibraheem created an entire line of jewelry — for me ♡ And that’s how ZUDO began. 

Now, we design different pieces that are inspired not only by our culture & beliefs, but also the causes that we care about. Through my academic research and our own lived experiences, we realized that our community neglects two very important issues: sexual violence and mental health.

Through ZUDO, we hope to continue pursuing our passion for advocacy, and so we made it our company’s mission to break these barriers and inspire change!

ZUDO Founders


Much Love,

Ibraheem & Zuni