Ayatul Kursi Meaningful Jewelry Waterproof Personalized Custom ZUDO Necklace


It's no secret that the Ayatul Kursi is the most powerful and widely memorized verse of the Holy Qur'an. When recited daily, this verse offers an array of benefits - the most highly regarded one of which is the offer of protection.

Islam is an absolutely beautiful faith, which makes sense because The Creator, Allah, absolutely loves beauty! He has spoken with the most beautiful and eloquent language throughout His Divine Book. The prose, rhythm and rhyme of his words are absolutely incomparable to anything written by man. 

So much so, that even in the shortest and simplest of verses - like the Ayatul Kursi - there is a perfect internal symmetry comprised of concentric looping. 

This verse has 9 sections that focus on the description of Allah - the 5th section acts as the centre, and the 4 sections before it perfectly mirror the 4 sections after it. Take a look at this wonderful visual made by QFatima


Ayatul Kursi Meaningful Jewelry Personalized Custom Waterproof ZUDO


This verse is so pure in it's meaning, that our young ones will love learning about it! If you're looking for something to keep your little ones busy this Eid, check out this children's activity book which features visual explanations of the Ayah, where children can color in the illustrations whilst they read! 


The Ayatul Kursi is a verse that is very close to our hearts, at ZUDO. We have created an entire collection focused on this verse with the hopes that - with the daily wear of our jewelry or art pieces - it acts as your reminder to recite the verse every morning and every night. Here is a helpful roundup of all the pieces in this collection (including our newest launches!)

Ayatul Kursi Spiral Ring Meaningful Jewelry Waterproof Gift Idea



Ayatul Kursi Wall Decor Canvas Art Meaningful Gift Idea

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