How to Store Your Jewelry with our Treasured Jewelry Organizer

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Back in July, we gave you, our loyal blog readers, a little spoiler about a jewelry organizer we’ve been working on. Well, the time has come! It’s ready for you! Our Treasured Jewelry Organizer is here and it’s the solution to all of your jewelry storage needs. 
If you’re like us, your jewelry means a lot to you. You carefully pick your pieces with intention and treat them with care. Amongst some of these pieces that are meaningful and personal to us, is our Personalized Name Necklace or our Custom Handwriting Necklace) and you probably want to protect them so they can stay with you for a very long time!
Jewelry storage can be tricky - how can you store everything so it’s all in one place, but not tangled up, and still easy to access on a daily basis? 
We have some DIY jewelry storage options for you - for example using Ziploc bags, chocolate boxes, and even business cards, which will keep your pieces tangle free and neatly organized (read about these and more ideas here). 
But our number one jewelry storage solution is our Treasured Jewelry Organizer. Whether you’re looking for everyday storage or something for travelling or on-the-go, you need this in your life!
We’ve been working on this organizer for a while so we can make sure it solves all the storage problems we experience. As big jewelry addicts ourselves, we understand the struggle of keeping your pieces tangle-free, dust-free and organized in a way that makes choosing accessories easy. We've created the ultimate storage solution for you. Our organizer includes compartments for everything, including necklaces, earrings, rings, and even cuffs which are rigid and sometimes hard to store in a compact way (we’ve made it so that the organizer still rolls nicely even when you’ve got your favorite ZUDO cuff inside!) 
The black suede interior acts as the the most precious protector for each of your pieces, and the gold buttons are made with the finest quality 18k tarnish-free gold. Not only is our organizer practical - it so sleek and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
We are really proud to present this Jewelry Organizer as a solution to any of your storage or organization issues. We’ve been so excited to launch this and see what you think of it! Have you bought one yet? Or did this post convince you to get one? Let us know in the comments and be sure to tag us in your pictures - we love seeing you wearing and using our pieces! 

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