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Over the past (almost) two years, most of us have spent more time at home than ever before, so it’s no surprise that home renovations and redecoration has become so popular. Whether you’re growing your collection of plant babies or doing a complete DIY home renovation, we’re all trying to make our homes a little more cozy and a reflection of ourselves (can you see where we’re going with this?)
When we were creating our ZUDO Home items, we wanted to create meaningful pieces that look beautiful and add something special to your space. We know you love our custom jewelry pieces, so we thought why stop at jewelry? ZUDO Home was born to bring more meaning to your home by adorning your walls with beautiful reminders of who you are, or what you stand for.
So what are your options? 
I want something Islamic, what do you have?
Firstly, we have the stunning Custom Family Vertical Canvas by the artist Fatema Moledina, which has the following verse from the Holy Quran:
“Our Lord, bestow upon us from our spouses and our offspring the comfort of our eyes and make us leaders of the pious” (25:74)
Under the verse, there’s space for your family’s names. This piece is a sweet reminder for your family of the peace you bring to each other.
Also from Fatema, there’s the Custom Couple Vertical Canvas, which is the perfect gift if you know any newlyweds! This piece has space for the couple’s name and a special date underneath the following verse:
“And he placed between you love and mercy” (30:21)
Both of these canvases incorporate a neutral color palette so they can find a place on anyone's wall, no matter your aesthetics or color scheme. The gorgeous gold detailing adds a touch of elegance to your piece. Fatema has also created some other beautiful home pieces for us, which you can see here. Read our interview with Fatema here to find out what inspires her and her pieces. 
I have something specific in mind already, can I get that on a canvas?
Yes! We have our Custom Vertical Canvas and Custom Horizontal Canvas where you can add in any image you want and turn it into a canvas. It can be a photo of a special moment, a custom digital art piece you have, a quote or verse that resonates with you, or anything else! The options are endless. So if you have an image you love and an empty space, fill it with one of our custom canvases.
All of our custom canvases come in 5 different sizes, perfect for any space you have. They are made to order in the USA and the ink we use is certified for low chemical emissions and reduced environmental impact. At the moment, our ZUDO Home pieces are only available to ship in the USA (we hope to open it up globally very soon!).
They make great gifts (for other people or for yourself - we’re big on self gifting at ZUDO!) and they are the perfect way to express your personal tastes through your home decor.
Have you bought any of our ZUDO Home pieces? Let us know in the comments or tag us in your pictures on social media - we’d love to see how you styled them in your homes!

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