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Customer service 
Our number one priority is YOU. 
We care about you. We support you. We wouldn’t be where we are today, without you! 
That’s why we thrive on creating an experience where your expectations are exceeded.
We are humbled in the fact that you choose us and our products, and we will always unwaveringly choose our ZUDO family!
We are constantly curating on-trend designs which incorporate Arabic, South Asian, and Islamic influences. 
Through the beauty of our collections, we encourage deeper sentiments. Whether this is through our Alhamdulillah cuff - inspiring an attitude of gratitude. Or through our Love Necklace - reminding us to spread love. 
These are all handcrafted, minimal and timeless, perfect to fit anyone’s style. 
Aesthetics aside, all of our products are specifically designed to ensure longevity
We have worried about the quality, so you don’t have to! With our pieces, you can enjoy wearing your accessories as frequently as you wish! 
Our tailored plating ensures a rust-free, long-lasting timeless finish that won’t tarnish. 
Our intentions go beyond fashion. 
When wearing our products, we want to be reminded of our spiritual significance. 
Allah medallion - ”So remember Me, and I will remember you” Surah Al-Baqarah [2:152]. 
4 Quls medallion - to remind us that we are under His protection. 
RAHMA cuff - to be shown compassion, we must embody this quality within ourselves  
Alhamdullilah cuff - “be grateful and I will give you more” Surah Ibrahim [14:7]
Kalima ring - to inspire us to keep our faith strong.
Support / Mission 
Giving back to the community is important to us. 
We strive to do so by donating 10% of our profits to HEART Women & Girls, an organisation that supports victims of sexual violence and promotes sexual assault prevention in unreached communities. 
However, ZUDO believes that giving goes beyond making a donation - it’s about educating our community and inspiring others to join the movement.
Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities are not immune to these tragedies just because we don’t talk about it.
Together, let’s break the silence on sexual violence in our communities and start talking! 
We at ZUDO love our designs so much, we think everyone should be able to wear them! 
Most of our beautifully handcrafted designs are un-gendered, and can even be purchased as matching “his and hers” sets. 
We thrive on delivering premium value to our customers. 
This means we ensure that our social presence is consistently accessible, honest and reliable. 
We treat you like family, and provide you with the best offers directly to your inbox! (sign up to our exclusive mailing list here to be kept in the loop!)
We also offer prompt service, so you can start enjoying your ZUDO jewelry faster than you think! 
Thank you for choosing ZUDO, and for reading this far. Follow us to join the ZUDO family - we have exciting things in store that we don't want you to miss!

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