ZUDO-Cuff-Phrases - Rahma Cuff - Heart Women and Girls
ZUDO-Cuff-Phrases - Rahma Cuff - Heart Women and Girls
ZUDO Rahma Cuff Gold
ZUDO Rahma Cuff Rose Gold
ZUDO-Cuff-Phrases - Rahma Cuff - Heart Women and Girls
ZUDO Rahma Cuff Matte Black
ZUDO-Cuff-Phrases - Rahma Cuff - Heart Women and Girls
ZUDO Rahma Cuff Silver
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Rahma Cuff

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Rahma رحمة (phrase): Compassion, mercy, grace

Our “RAHMA” cuff is here to remind you to carry compassion and mercy in your heart for everyone. Embracing rahma is a commitment to respond with kindness and grace to all - as we are not always aware of the trauma and hardships everyone is suffering. 

In partnership with HEART, we are raising awareness on sexual violence and educating our communities on how we can create a safer Ummah. Too often, victims of sexual assault bravely reach out to their loved ones for support, guidance, and resources, and are met with blame and shame, rather than healing and support. Let's respond with RAHMA: 

  • Respond by listening
  • Affirm & believe them
  • Honor cultural and religious context and values
  • Maintain privacy
  • Assist with providing resources and information

We hope this cuff can serve as a reminder to bring more rahma into your daily life to make this world a warmer place. 

Crafted in 316L stainless steel. The rose gold and gold are 18K plated and the silver is plated in rhodium.

This tailored plating ensures a rust-free, long-lasting timeless finish that won’t tarnish. Hypoallergenic; safe for sensitive skin.


  • Small - 155mm / 6 inch - circumference
  • Medium - 180mm / 7 inch - circumference
  • Cuffs are adjustable to ensure the perfect fit
  • Will not rust or tarnish
  • Jewelry tested in water for 60+ days. Lifetime warranty against rust/tarnish
  • Hypoallergenic - safe for sensitive skin


Ships within 24-48 hours! You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. The total time frame is between 2-6 days for US orders and 5-12 days for international orders.

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