Conscious consumerism is a concept that is becoming extremely crucial in every industry. 

Previously, we might have focused on the consumer's need versus the cost of our product. Now, customers wonder - where do our materials come from? What value can we add to our customer's life? Can we contribute to important morals and play our part in being a conscious business?

The answer to this is - YES. A thousand times yes.

There are so many important causes around the world that need support, and our mission is to use the platform we have been given to be the voice for the voiceless.

This Eid, when you're thinking of buying presents for your loved ones, consider shopping consciously. Find out where the profits from your order will go. Research the company you are purchasing from, and whether the organizations they support also tie in with your values. 

If you're looking to buy from ZUDO this Eid, here's a list of some of our pieces that give back to our non-profit Partners. 

Know someone who needs new art for their wall at home? Check out this Dome of the Rock Canvas (or the print version if you prefer to choose your own frame!). Every single dollar spent on these products will go directly to the PCRF.

Inclusivity is a value that is very close to ZUDO's heart. Last year, we released a very special piece in collaboration with our family at Islam by Touch. Together, we created a Braille necklace, proceeds of which are sent to Islam by Touch, to help make Islam accessible to the blind community. 

Embracing kindness is a commitment to respond with compassion and grace to all - since we are not always aware of the trauma or hardships someone may be facing. With the wonderful people at HEART, we created a Rahma ("kindness") cuff as well as a necklace (or a bundle where you can get both for less!). This is to inspire the notion of compassion - not just towards others, but also towards ourselves.

In partnership with HEART, we are raising awareness on sexual violence and educating our communities on how we can create a safer Ummah. Too often, victims of sexual assault bravely reach out to their loved ones for support, guidance, and resources, and are met with blame and shame, rather than healing and support. Purchasing any of these items will help support HEART to continue to do the incredible ground work they do.

Spoiler alert - we have a very special and NEW piece coming out on June 24th, in collaboration with HEART. To avoid missing out, make sure you have signed up for Early Access to our sale (this will give you an extra discount on top of our sale prices!) and you will be notified as soon as the products are live on our website.

Sustainable and conscious products are often more expensive and considered a "luxury" item. But not here. We ensure that our ZUDO jewelry is affordable, easily accessible and rooted in meaning.

We hope this Eid blesses you and your loved ones, in ways you haven't yet prayed for.

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