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How to style your Islamic Jewelry

Islamic jewelry is an external expression of faith.

When certain surahs or ayahs resonate with us, we look to display a reminder in our home, our clothing or in our accessories.

It's an extension of our iman, in the most beautiful way. We're here to clear up any misconceptions!

"Necklaces don't show with hijab..."

Not an issue anymore! We have a beautiful selection of Islamic necklaces (check out our Allah medallion, our 4Qul necklace and our Ayatul Kursi necklace). Each of these come with a 16 inch chain as well as a 6 inch chain extender.

So you can express your faith via a necklace without compromizing your modesty.

ZUDO Islamic Jewelry


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"I'm not sure what to wear with my Islamic Jewelry"

There is so much beauty in this! Our pieces have been crafted in a way that is minimal yet elegant. They can be worn to dress up an evening outfit (see inspo here) as well as being a daily staple (see inspo here). You can wear it to work, to dinner, to your besties house - there are no limitations! 

ZUDO Islamic Jewelry

The connection you have to your accessories is yours alone. If you choose to wear it daily as a reminder to yourself, we have chosen the best materials so that it will never ever tarnish! And just as a fool-proof back up, we also have a lifetime warranty for you. 

"What are the rules for wearing Islamic Jewelry?"

The question everyone wants an answer to!

We create our pieces with a lot of care and respect - so it is crucial that this same respect is continued by you, our customers. 

All of our pieces are protected with PVD coating. This includes all items containing Allah's name or an inscription from the Qur'an. Whilst it is advisable to always be in wudhoo in order to touch these words, we have a protective layer that acts as a failsafe, so that you can wear your Islamic jewelry worry-free.

ZUDO Islamic Jewelry

These pieces should be treated with the same respect as the Qur'an. If you don't take the Qur'an with you in the bathroom, you should remove your Islamic jewelry before entering the bathroom too. Some are comfortable with covering the pendant, or turning it so it is faced down. Whilst others are not comfortable with this. It comes down to your own personal research and interpretation. 

"I want my children to have Islamic jewelry but the sizes are too large"

We recently launched a mini range, designed for children! Check out our bestsellers - the 4 Qul necklace and the Ayatul Kursi necklace - perfectly crafted for your little ones. 

ZUDO Islamic Jewelry for Children

"Which items can men wear?"

We have whole range of pieces for men - whether you prefer matte black, silver, gold or rose gold.


ZUDO Islamic Jewelry for Men


Some of our most popular items for men are the Shahada ring, the Allah medallion and the Sabr cuff. You can see out entire men's collection here : Men's Collection


There is a fine line between wearing Islamic jewelry as an expression of faith, and wearing them in place of it. This is your friendly reminder from ZUDO that we make our pieces to remind you, for example, to recite the 4 Quls and Ayatul Kursi daily. The protection that comes from reciting these ayahs is incredibly powerful! The protection does not come by wearing them :)

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