How to prepare your heart and home for Ramadan

How to prepare your heart and home for Ramadan

Are you hoping for a Ramadan full of purpose and peace?
Are you wondering what you can do to prepare?

Us too! 

Here are 6 things that might help.


This might not be possible in all cases - but try to complete any large commitments before the month starts. Work deadlines, school essays, home projects or any tasks that are incomplete can be overwhelming and distracting - and quite frankly time consuming! Do what you can, from now, to ensure that your mind is clear and focused during Ramadan.


If you can start to change your eating habits, the transition into the fasting period will be much smoother. By eating less, eating healthier and making sure you eat breakfast, we can condition our bodies to be content and energized with less food. 

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Are you guilty of inconsistent sleeping patterns right now? (I know I am). This affects our focus and concentration largely - which is something we want to avoid during such a Holy month. If you've been wanting to fix your sleep schedule - now is the time! Introduce the habit of sleeping after Isha, so that you feel rested and are able to wake up for Fajr with ease.


What would you like to achieve this Ramadan? Let's think deeply about this.

Do you want to read the entire Quran? Focus on a few Surahs and understand the meaning of each? Incorporate sunnah acts into your every day? Practice rahma and give more charity? Be kinder? Introduce one new habit with the intention to keep it for a year?

What ever your personal goal is - write it down! If you are a visual person, put it up somewhere (on your mirror, your desk, your fridge). Seeing it daily will help to keep you motivated and in check throughout the month!


Clean space, clean mind. During Ramadan, our energy levels are precious (and sometimes low). Ensuring our homes are thoroughly cleaned beforehand will allow us to feel at peace, and less worried about household tasks.

This allows us to direct the attention and energy we do have to Allah (SWT).


Maybe the most difficult one? But very important! The next time you do a grocery shop, try to be mindful of how many snacks you put in your basket? Don't get me wrong - buy them! But try to practise some mindfulness, and store fewer snacks in your home. (Unless you want to test your will power further - then let your snack drawer tease you!)


Ramadan is our chance to cleanse ourselves from any negative influences, physically and spiritually. This could be the people we hang out with, the things we watch or the habits we have taken up.

Try to be intentional with the way you prepare for the month, and begin to practise simplicity, forgiveness and growth from now.

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