Why should you pick ZUDO?
ZUDO was created by Ibraheem in 2017 after he proposed to his now wife, Zuni, and set out to find a meaningful gift for her. When he couldn’t find that perfect gift, he decided to design something personal and in doing so, ZUDO was created. (Thats the short version, read more about Ibraheem + Zuni’s journey here).
Four years on, thanks to His blessings, ZUDO has grown into an international brand, loved by our amazing ZUDO family around the world! 
If you’re considering being part of our global community, keep reading to find out why you should pick ZUDO.
At ZUDO, our intentions go beyond fashion. 
We thrive on creating pieces that are stunning but rooted in meaning. We live in a fast-paced world, with fast fashion, fleeting trends, and products that don’t last very long. ZUDO pieces are made to last both in terms of quality (more on that later) and because they have a deeper sentiment that will never fade. 
Our pieces have been made with care and thought, resulting in meaningful and intimate jewelry you can keep with you forever (and even pass down to your grandchildren!)
Have a look at our Ayatul Kursi Necklace. We worked on this piece for 8+ months to perfect. We wanted this to be a staple in your daily lives, just like the verse itself.
All of our pieces are made to last (told you we’d come back to this!). Our jewelry has tailored plating that is tarnish free, rust free, and long lasting so you can be assured that when you buy a ZUDO product, you are buying something you can wear as much as you want, for as long as you want!
I bet you’re wondering "if the products last so long, won’t they go out of style?" and the answer is no, they won’t! We work hard to strike the delicate balance between longevity and style. 
We study trends and translate them into pieces that would mean something to our ZUDO Family. (Also, all of our pieces are SO Instagram worthy! Tag us in your pictures so we can share them on our feed!)
Have a look at our Alhamdulillah Cuff - a simple and elegant cuff for everyday-wear and for special occasions. It also acts as an important reminder to count our blessings everyday (see what we mean about everything being meaningful?)
Whether you’re buying something special for your loved one or yourself (side note: when was the last time you treated yourself?) it can be hard to find that perfect piece that is unique to you. We’ve got some really unique custom pieces that go one step further than your standard customizations that make for the perfect gift.
For example, we have our Custom Handwriting Necklace, which our founder, Ibraheem, created for his mom after his dad passed away. This is such a special piece that allows you to keep a piece of your loved one with you at all times.
Find out more about our unique custom jewelry here
We adore you. You, our ZUDO family, are the the reason we are here - but more than that, you are the most supportive group around! It brings us so much pleasure to create new pieces for you. We love speaking to you, and we love seeing you wear our pieces! 
We pride ourselves on our friendly service because you are our top priority. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you and we are SO THANKFUL for you.
Get in touch with us if you have any questions or any feedback, we really love hearing from you (did we say that already?).
Our mission is to make the world more inclusive, one accessory at a time.
We are dedicated to breaking the silence on mental health and sexual violence and we do this by using our platform to raise awareness and fuel cultural change. We’re talking about taboo topics and how we can work together to break free from cultural "norms" and stereotypes on our blog and on our social media platforms - take a look!
We’ve partnered with a few incredible organizations such as HEART Women & Girls and Islam By Touch to raise funding and awareness on these important issues. Your purchase of any of our collaboration pieces allows us to donate 30% of the sales to those organizations. 
We put all of our love into ZUDO and we really hope you love it too! Are you part of the ZUDO family? If so, how long have you been with us and what are your favourite pieces? Let us know in the comments - we love hearing from you! (We said that already, didn’t we?)

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