Career Choices and (South-Asian) Parental Expectations: Finding Your Path
Choosing a career can be tough when family expectations weigh in, especially in South Asian families. This post dives into how to talk about your real passions with your parents, find a middle ground, and still pursue your dreams. Get practical tips on handling these tricky conversations and making your own path without losing family support.
Eid Ul Adha 2024: 8 Gift Ideas To Make Everyone Happy With ZUDO
Eid Ul Adha is almost here! Celebrate with thoughtful gifts from ZUDO. Discover our stunning collection, including the Quran Locket, personalized name necklaces, and stylish men's jewelry. Find the perfect gift to make this Eid unforgettable. Happy shopping, and Eid Mubarak!
Busting Mental Health Myths: The Real Talk You Need to Hear
It's time to debunk dome mental health myths to become a more empathetic and supportive community, creating an environment where everyone feels safe to speak up and seek help. After all, mental well-being is a critical part of our overall health and should be treated with the same urgency and care as physical health.
Coping with Stress: Simple Techniques to Keep You Cool
In a world that often demands us to push harder and move faster, taking a moment to breathe and care for our mental health isn't just important—it's essential. This blog post explores simple yet powerful techniques to manage daily stress, from the calming practice of deep breathing exercises to the reflective process of journaling.
Ramadan Preparation Guide: Tips for Getting Mentally and Spiritually Ready
By focusing on our faith, setting goals, and prioritizing our well-being, we can create a meaningful and fulfilling experience during this holy month.
Why we created our Custom Handwriting Jewelry Collection
Keep your loved one's handwriting with you at all times with our unique and special custom handwriting jewelry pieces, taking personal gifts to a new level.
Black Friday Gift Guide | ZUDO
Get ready for our Black Friday Blackout Sale with this essential gift guide with brand new waterproof jewelry and meaningful home pieces at low prices. Shop our Black Friday gift guide and treat your loved ones to the best gift through our personalized jewelry.
Fatema Moledina is a budding British artist who, alongside her full-time photography career, creates stunning artwork. If you want to get to know her a little better like we did, keep reading! ----------- Tell us 3 things about yourself: As well as my design...
Why should you trust ZUDO with your jewelry?
Are you wondering which brand you can trust to get personalized and meaningful jewelry? Read on to find out why you should pick ZUDO!
How to Accessorize Fall Outfits
Fall fashion is our favorite with cozy sweaters and warm tones. See how we’re accessorizing our Fall outfits with our personalized necklaces and Ayatul Kursi pieces.
Find out how to stack all of your favorite necklaces like a pro with our handy guide to stacking. Now you don't have to choose between your personalized name necklace or your Quran necklace - you can wear both!
Do you still invest in jewelry that makes your skin green? Do you have to take your rings off each time you wash your hands? Do you catch yourself putting a layer of clear nail polish on your jewelry?  Here...
Exclusive pop-up shop at Buckle, The Mall at Millenia (Florida). Get your waterproof or custom jewelry (plus new unseen pieces!).
It's no secret that the Ayatul Kursi is the most powerful and widely memorized verse of the Holy Qur'an. When recited daily, this verse offers an array of benefits - the most highly regarded one of which is the offer of...
Ways to give back this Eid ul Adha
This Eid, when you're thinking of buying presents for your loved ones, consider shopping consciously. Find out where the profits from your order will go. Research the company you are purchasing from, and whether the organizations they support also tie in with your values. 
To our ZUDO family, If you're reading this, it's because you're part of our #ZUDOFam and have committed to being an agent of change. Palestine urgently needs each one of us. If you've been feeling helpless but want to help...
Clearing misconceptions | custom jewelry
Custom jewelry is affordable. Custom jewelry is waterproof. Custom jewelry can be made quickly. Custom jewelry is accessible. Custom jewelry is always near you!
How to prepare your heart and home for Ramadan
Wondering how to prepare for a Ramadan full of purpose and peace? Here are a few things you can start doing that might help.
How to help someone through a panic attack
Ever been in a situation where you are unsure how to help? Here are a few useful tips.
How can meditation and prayer help me to be successful?

We live in an era where we are constantly functioning in a distracted mode. Can you relate? The simple fact is, if we want to achieve success in this world, and the next, we need to be more conscious of our actions, and be more intentional with our time. 

(scroll down to the bottom if you'd like a beginners guide to meditation with 3 easy steps).

RAOK - wondering what you can do during lockdown?

This year, kindness has more power than ever before. Every single one of us has been tested. So a little bit of rahma to our friends, family, community and ourselves goes an incredibly long way.