2020 highlights
Check out how we made the most of 2020!
Why you should get custom jewelry
Getting a piece of jewelry is always a special experience - but nothing compares to getting custom jewelry made specifically for you.
Suicidal Thoughts? What you can do to help.
ZUDO | Suicide Prevention Month | It's real. It's important. Here are some tools you can use to support a loved one.
Earn money from anywhere | ZUDO AMBASSADOR
Become a ZUDO Ambassador and start earning with us!
To our ZUDO family. We have a platform and we understand the importance of having a voice. Though we are a brand, we are made up of real people who care deeply about the fight for equality and against racism....
Being in lockdown means that some aspects of Ramadan will be different, but this unique situation has highlighted a simple reality - being in isolation puts us in the best position to strengthen our relationship with Allah. Examples where people thrived in isolation - Prophet...
Coronavirus Relief | #ZUDOGivesBack
UPDATE: In April, your orders and donations helped us raise $8,025. This means that we have been able to provide care packages for 402 families! Thank you, ZUDO Fam! We have all found ourselves in a very difficult and uncertain situation....
Working from home | Covid-19
If you're new to working from home (wherever home may be!) it can be hard to separate work life and home life, when they are happening in the same place. We've put together a few tips to help you stay balanced! 01. TIME Overworking...
SELF-CARE | Covid-19
Self-care is crucial for our wellbeing - but now more than ever, it is a priority. We've put together a few reminders that will hopefully help you to find a sense of calm in each day. // EAT WELL  Having a...
An important update | Covid-19
Hi ZUDO family I would like to reach out to you directly and share with you the steps we are taking in light of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) to ensure the well-being of our ZUDO community. We want to ensure YOUR safety, so...
FEATURE FRIDAY | Afshan Nasseri
MEET AFSHAN I graduated in the spring from McGill University in Montreal, where I got my BCom in Strategic Management & Classical Arabic. I'm currently Freelancing in the Digital Marketing space and creating a startup advisory in the International Education...
Did you know it's Random Acts of Kindness week? From helping someone carry their bags to smiling a stranger – it’s often the smallest and simplest of gestures that mean the most. Here are 20 random ideas to lift others up...
Love comes in many forms | ZUDO
Today is a day to celebrate love, in all forms! Love can be in romance, but it can also be in friendship, in family, and in ourselves. We hope you give and receive a lot of love and appreciation, today and...
Bringing a piece of home to you, wherever you are.
Celebrate Love | with ZUDO
We love spreading love! Do you?
CRESCENT MOON | Collection
Crescent Moon Collection - even in darkness, there is always light! Click here to take a look at our 4 new pieces!
Behind the scenes | Ayatul Kursi
Interested in hearing about the journey behind our newest launch? Read more!
Ayatul Kursi | The Throne of the Qur'an
We explore the significance behind our new drop! Read more here.
This post is dedicated to ZUDO's founders - Ibraheem and Zuni - who are currently in the middle of their wedding week!  I B R A H E E M From an age younger than the norm, he has been the pillar of...
4-Qul | A powerful protection
We're exploring how the smallest surahs in the Qur'an are our greatest protection. Read more!
Unheard Voices: The Sexual Exploitation of South Asian Girls and Women

This Tuesday we're talking about sexual exploitation. This is real life. These are real people.